Digital Inclusion

Transforming and Internationalizing Schools through Technology

Nowadays, everything seems to advance and change rapidly: technologies, the labour market, the way we communicate with others… However, schools seem to advance at a much slower pace and they are not making use of all new technologies available to make their schools more inclusive. Although many schools are trying to adopt new practises, it is not common to exchange experiences and practises among schools at national level, leave apart at an international level, which would make the process much easier to all.  

If you would like to improve inclusive practises in your school and, at the same time, introduce and embed new technologies in your classes, the Erasmus+ Digital Inclusion project will show you everything the partners have learnt from one another. The project will not only strengthen the professional competences of teachers participating in the exchange of practices, but it will also promote the INCLUSIVE SCHOOL concept and help teachers find out about INNOVATIVE TEACHING METHODS to increase MOTIVATION, reduce the level of aggressiveness of their students and educate them with RESPECT TO EU MORAL PRINCIPLES AND VALUES with new technologies at the core. 

Browse around our website and find out everything the partners have learned and developed by exchanging good practices among teachers who work with students aged 9-13 years old. 


December 2020
Kick Off Meeting (Online)



October 2021
Reus, Spain
Second Transnational Meeting


April 2022
Turin, Italy
Third Transnational Meeting


October 2022
Veles, Rep. North Macedonia
Fourth Transnational Meeting