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Here you can read all the  Lesson Plans written by the project partners:

SOU Gimnazija Koco Racin

Love Yourself

3000-year-old stories of the square root of 2

Build a Bristlebot, a Tiny Toothbrush Robot

Association of Educational Programmes OpenEurope

Multiple Literacies 

LEGO Wedo 2

Applying Colors

13th Primary School of Trikala


Multiple Literacies

Lego Wedo2

Working with fractions

Learn to balance

Introduction with Scratch

Introduction to Lego Wedo 2

Explorers of the world

What exactly is this fraction

Istituto dei Sordi di Torino

Bilingual Robots

My English Portfolio

Jumping addition and subtraction

Teresa Miquel i Pamies

Multiply and Divide

Prepare a survey

Use correctly the verb tenses

First Private School 'Leonardo da Vinci'

All about me 

Finding the area of a various geometrical figures


Zini Foundation

Let’s Play Dress Up

Shopping Time

What month is it?